The function of this website is to help honor the memory and legacy of music producer Hal Willner, an exemplarily kind human being and most eclectic lover of music. Hal was an innately curious explorer of culture, a tireless archivist, a treasure seeker, an archeologist of forgotten islands in popular culture, the Alan Lomax after Alan Lomax. Before the internet, there was Hal, a personal and cultural sommelier who always made time for everyone, even if he was running late for a meeting or a concert… Hal Willner was a mentor, inspiration and friend to many of us and he helped expand our vision and understanding of music and change our lives forever.
As Hal always said when one of the greats would pass: “It’s Up to Us Now!”

The site was created and is maintained by Marc Urselli, a music producer and audio engineer who has closely worked with Hal as his sound engineer for 10+ years on multiple projects including albums, studio sessions and concert productions.

The pictures used in the header of the website are by © Lovis Dengler Ostenrik and by © Andrew White. Used with permission.